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Credit Report Service

Credit reports are provided by Trans Union.  Credit lookup is a soft pull.


  1. A paid YouGotListings account.
  2. The applicant, whether individual or company, must hold a broker's license.
  3. The person signing the paperwork can legally represent the applicant.


Report without FICO score - $4
Report with FICO score - $7

Managed Access

For the Team Account, the administrator or manager has the option to add/remove access to the credit report for other users.

Reports History

Reports are kept for 60 days and can be revisited. The admin or manager user of the Team account can track which user has pulled which report.

Sign Up Procedures

Necessary Paperwork

  1. Fill out a Membership Application. (Click here to download)
    - YouGotListings account name and name on the application must match.
    - Sole proprietor and partnership companies is required to have a credit check and high-risk fraud report ran on each owner.  An additional one time $10 per owner will apply.
  2. Write a letter of intent - written on a company letterhead and signed by an officer, indicating:
    - The nature of the business.
    - The intended use for the service.
    - The anticipated monthly volume.
    - The access to be primarily local, regional, or national.
  3. Sign an End User Agreement. (Click here to download)
    - Only check off the option "In connection with a tenant screening application involving the consumer:".  As that is the only purpose in which our service is allowed to be used for.
  4. Provide a copy of the office’s real estate license.  If operating under an individual, then the broker's license.
  5. Provide either a Federal Tax ID/Employer Identification Number on any letter received from the government, or Articles of Incorporation.
  6. Provide a location (website URL) where your office is listed in an online business directory. The address displayed must match the address entered in your Membership Application (If you are not listed yet, please visit or similar sites for listing services.)
  7. If business operates under a DBA, provide a copy of the certificate.

Business Opened for Less Than a Year

Include two of the three things bellow:

  • A copy of a utility or phone bill in the business name, for service at the registered location of the business.
  • A copy of the rental lease or proof of property ownership in the business name that correspond with the registered business address.
  • A copy of a bank statement for the business, mailed to the registered business address.


Once you have everything ready, please email us at, and indicate the type of on site inspection you would prefer.

You have an option of on site or virtual inspection.

On site inspection requires less work from you other than having the inspector come in person. Virtual inspection would require you or someone at your office to schedule an online video call and tour the office with the inspector. The benefit of the latter is faster turn around time.  This is especially true if your office is not located in a densely populated area, as inspectors might be sparse in your location.

After inspection is approved, account setup will take an additional 2 to 5 business days.

Onsite Inspection Requirements

An one time $65 on site inspection fee applies.

* The inspector sent out will be from a third party company.  Please do not check with the inspector on the requirements to pass the onsite inspection.  Only follow the guidelines listed below.

Commercial Office

  • Permanent sign outside of the office with the exact company name. (the sign cannot be a printed piece of paper or something taped onto the door)
  • Paper shredder
  • Locked file cabinet
  • Password protected computer

Home Office

  • Permanent sign outside of the home or home office with the company name. (the sign cannot be a printed piece of paper or something taped onto the door)
  • The office needs to be its own room that is of professional setting.
  • Paper shredder
  • Locked file cabinet
  • Password protected computer
  • Locked office door

Let us know if you run into any questions. We can be reached at

Inactive Account

If an account does not utilize the credit check service for over 18 months, the feature will be automatically disabled.

Sample Report

See a sample credit report. (Click here to download)

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