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Helpful Tips on Creating a Website

Creating a website either for yourself or for the company can be a daunting task.  This article will hopefully answer some common questions, and provide a clearer approach on getting things started.

Common things to think about before getting in touch with a developer would be:

  • Target Audience
  • Features
  • Look and Feel
  • Budget
Also browse through a number of real estate websites to get a better idea of what you are looking for.  But when all said and done, finding the right developer is the most important piece when creating a website.

Custom Website:

  • Website Development Company - They normally would have a couple of people on full time payroll.  If you have the budget and a big one at that, and looking for a top end website, then these guys would be your best option.  These companies will be able to offer you a slew of options and choices for things that you thought of and things you never heard of.  Anything that you want done can be done, as long as it is technically possible.  They will hand hold you every step of the way.  When the money is right of course.

  • Independent Developer - Normally they would have one or two strong abilities and knows a bit of everything else.  They would have a network of other independent contractors to bring in for those jobs that they might not be the most proficient at.  They cost significantly lower than a web development company, but do have their downsides.  The quality of some of their services that they provide can vary greatly through time, as the people in their independent contractors network changes.  And the most feared is the disappearing act.  Where even when you are looking for help with money in hand, they are no where to be found.

  • Outsourcing Overseas - When you are seeking the most bang for the buck then overseas is where you want to look.  Whether if it is a website development company or an independent developer, there are options out there that will give you similar results, but at potentially half the price if not even less.  Websites such as, allows you to easily get in touch with one.  Everything is not all roses over there of course.  Communication could be a big issue. Even if you are able to find someone with perfect English, just the fact that they have never lived locally in the States can have many miss understandings because of different culture and experiences.

Turn Key Website:
  • Turn Key Website Solutions - In this case you are working more with a software platform that developer(s) have created to build websites, rather than actual people.  By utilizing the tools in the software, you can build a website yourself in just minutes.  2 am in the morning and you want to make a change?  No problem, just log in to your account and do it yourself.  The biggest downside is the software's limitations.  If it doesn't offer a template that you like or a particular feature, then you are out of luck.  There is no practical amount of money that you can pay them to have it done.  And normally you are renting the software, which means you can not take the website to go.
By weighing what is more important to you, hopefully you will be able find a path that is right for you.

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