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How to grant and manage outside brokers access?

Prerequisite: An account that is sharing listings.

Grant Access:

First click on Brokers on the navigation menu to visit the Brokers page.  You will then get access to the below options.
  • Auto Connect - Click on Settings on top and select Yes to auto-connect with all brokers on the platform.
  • Manual Connect - You can browse the brokers on the Brokers page.  Manually add brokers whom you would like to access to your listings.
  • Email Invitation - Copy the Listings Access URL on the Brokers page and paste it into an email, which you can then send to brokers you work with.  When they clicked on the link, your listings will be synced with their YouGotListings account.
Manage Access:
  • Visit the Brokers page and use the Add and Remove buttons to manage who gets access.

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