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What is the Listings Network?

The Listings Network allows landlords, management companies, brokers and brokerages to share their exclusive listings and leverage other brokers on the platform to help rent those properties.

All YouGotListings account types support the ability to share listings on the network.  For the Landlord Account, any listings added are automatically shared.  For Individual and Team Account, sharing will need to be manually initiated either for a specific listing or a landlord.  Only users who is an admin, manager or someone given the Listing Sharing privilege can initialize sharing.

There are 2 account level settings available when sharing listings.
  • Auto Approve Brokers - Yes / No - Automatically approve brokers on the platform with the ability to view the shared listings.
  • Listed in Landlords Network - Yes / No - All accounts that share listings are listed in our landlords directory by default, viewable by brokers.
Questions regarding listing sharing, please reach out to

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