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How to setup paid syndication to Zumper?

You will be setting up an account with Zumper directly.  Payment is also handled by Zumper.  Please visit the below URL to start the setup process.

Month to Month Options:

6 Month Contract Options:

After you are setup with Zumper, please see below regarding turning on syndication and selecting listings.

Turn On Zumper Syndication:

Prerequisite - Admin, Manager Role
  1. Click on the Profile Pic icon on the upper right.
  2. Select Marketing & Syndication from the drop down menu.
  3. Click on the Edit button on the upper right.
  4. Locate the Zumper Paid Syndication section.
  5. Select your setting for the Listing Selection and save.

Tagging Listings:

If you selected to only syndicate listings that are tagged with the "ZumperPromote" tag then below is a step by step on how to add the tag to your listings.
  1. Go to the Rentals Search page and locate the desired listing.
  2. Click on the address to navigate to the details page.
  3. Hit the rectangular Edit button to the right of the address.
  4. Locate and click on the Tags field under the Unit Info or Building Info section. (note that tagging at the building level will include all units at that address)
  5. In the New Tag field, enter text "ZumperPromote", one word no spaces, and click the Add button.
  6. Click the Ok button on the lower right to close the pop up, and then scroll to the bottom of the page to save.
The ZumperPromote tag only needs to be created once and it will be available for selection for future listings. The tag can be utilize at the unit, building and landlord level. Unit tag will select the specific the unit, while building tag will select all listings in that building, and landlord tag will select all listings of this landlord.

MLS listings tagged will not be syndicated.  

Providing Zumper with Account ID:

For Zumper to identify which listings are yours, you will need to provide them with your YouGotListings account ID. This can be found on the Account Settings page.
  1. Click on the Profile Pic icon on the upper right.
  2. Select Account Settings from the drop down menu.
  3. Locate the ID field on the upper left.

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