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How to create a custom listings feed?

Prerequisite: Team Account

There might be times where you would like to create a listings feed for either internal use, or to send your listings to other third parties.  This is where the custom feed feature comes in.

A unique feed URL can be generated for a specified set of listings by emailing  Listings selection options and other details are as follows.


All internal on market listings will be included in the feed.

By Tag:

Only listings tagged by a unique tag of your selection, will be included in the feed.  The tag can be utilize at the unit, building and landlord level.  Unit tag will select the specific the unit, while building tag will select all listings in that building, and landlord tag will select all listings of this landlord.

Update Frequency:

Updates nightly.

Feed Format:

The feed is available in the below 2 formats.
  • Hotpads
  • Zillow
If additional format is needed, please email  (charges may apply)

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