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Data Import - Buildings CSV File Specifications

The building CSV file should contain a list of your buildings data. The CSV file should be comma(,) delimited. A building can contain multiple listings.

CSV Columns

The building csv file should contain the following columns in the order specified. If certain columns do not apply to you or if there is no data, please leave it blank. PLEASE NOTE: A header row is required! Rows containing invalid data will be rejected. Data
Column Index Name Description
1 ID Unique building ID number.
2 Street Number
3 Street Name
4 City
5 State
6 Zip Code
7 Latitude Used for geocoding.
8 Longitude Used for geocoding.
9 Ad/Public Description Building public description used for marketing.
10 Private Description Building private notes.
18 Features List of building features / amenities separated by "|".
19 Photos List of building photo URL separated by "|".
Are we missing anything?

Every system is different. We don't want you to lose important data. Please let us know if you have fields that you would like us to include in the import.

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