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Data Import - Listings CSV File Specifications, without Separate Buildings File

The listing CSV file should contain a list of your rental listings data with address information. The CSV file should be comma(,) delimited. A listing record needs to indicate which landlord it belongs to. This schema should be used when your listings do not have separate building associations, hence you do not have separate building IDs.

CSV Columns

The listings csv file should contain the following columns in the order specified. If certain columns do not apply to you or if there is no data, please leave it blank. PLEASE NOTE: A header row is required! Rows containing invalid data will be rejected.
Column Index Name Description
1 ID Unique listing ID number.
2 Street Number Max. length 25 characters.
3 Street Name Max. length 150 characters.
4 City Max. length 100 characters.
5 State Max. length 2 characters. E.g. MA, CA, NY
6 Zip Code Max. length 5 characters.
7 Neighborhood Supported neighborhood list: [[YGL_City_Neighborhoods|YGL Valid City/Neighborhood List]]
8 Latitude Used for geocoding. Valid decimal number required.
9 Longitude Used for geocoding. Valid decimal number required.
10 Unit Number Max. length 25 characters.
11 Market Status Supported values are: "ONMARKET", "OFFMARKET", "APP" - Application Pending/Hold
12 Available Date In the format of mm/dd/YYYY. If empty, it indicates this listing is always available.
13 Fee Paid By Owner Our system supports "No Fee Paid", "25% Month", "50% Month", "75% Month", "1 Month", "1.5 Months", "2 Months", "Negotiable", "Co-Broke" and "Other". Fee values must be spelled exactly as stated above. If your fee structure is different, contact us to see if we can work out a solution.
14 Price Listing monthly rent.
15 Beds Number of beds the listing has.
16 Split Indicates if the apartment is a split. Supported values are: 1 or 0.
17 Baths Number of baths the listing has.
18 Rent Includes List of utilities included with rent separated by "|". Supported values are: "Electricity", "Gas", "Heat", "Hot Water", "Cable", "Internet", "Water", "Garbage"
19 Heat Source Supported values are: "Gas", "Electricity", "Oil", "Radiator", "Propane", "Solar", "Other"
20 Unit Level Listing floor level. Supported values are: Integer (1 - 199), "B" (Basement), "P" (Penthouse), "G" (Garden Level), "T" (Top Level)
21 Parking Listing parking options. Supported values are: "For Rent", "Available", "Included", "None"
22 Square Footage Should be an integer
23 Showing Instructions / Tenant Contact The current tenant contact info and showing instructions. Max. length 5000 characters.
24 Pet Cat Supported values are: "Yes", "Negotiable", "No"
25 Pet Dog Supported values are: "Yes", "Small Only", "Negotiable", "No"
26 Laundry Supported values are: "In Unit", "In Building", "On Site", "Hookups", "Services", "None"
27 Ad/Public Title Listing public title used for marketing. Max. 70 characters
28 Ad/Public Description Listing public description used for marketing. Max. length 5000 characters.
29 Private Notes Listing private notes. Max. length 5000 characters.
30 Features List of listing features / amenities separated by "|".
31 Tags List of listing tags separated by "|".
32 Photos List of listing photo URL separated by "|".
33 Virtual Tours List of listing virtual tour URL separated by "|".
34 Landlord Id The landlord this listing belongs to. Should correspond to the landlords CSV file.
Are we missing anything?

Every system is different. We don't want you to lose important data. Please let us know if you have fields that you would like us to include in the import.

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