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API General Info


API stands for application programming interface.  It provides developers with a programmatic way to interact and use an application.

YouGotListings provide developers with an array of API to access the different aspects of the YouGotListings system.  With the YouGotListings API, it enables you to use YouGotListings as your primary back end database, and use our API to access data and build any websites and applications you need.  The possibilities are endless.


To access any YouGotListings API, the account admin will need to contact us to obtain an API key.  You can provide us a list of IP addresses that are permitted to access the API.  Requests from unregistered IP addresses will be rejected.  Once you have obtained your API key, you will need to include the key in each request made to our API server.  Unauthorized requests will be rejected and recorded by the server.

Going Beyond

We hope that you are going to build many exciting and innovative applications and websites using our API.  As with any API, there are certain limitations with it.  While using our API, if you run into any road blocking limitations, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve these issues.

As we are always updating and expanding our API, please come back often to check for any updates.

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