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How to post to your own Craigslist, Zillow, and Facebook Marketplace account?

Prerequisite: Paid Account

Ad Helper:

PennyPosting is a Google Chrome extension that helps save significant time when posting ads to various renter facing websites.

Prerequisite: Google Chrome Browser
  1. Visit the below URL to install the extension to your browser.

    PennyPosting Extension Download

  2. After their extension is installed, return to YouGotListings.
  3. Click on Rentals under the Navigation Menu.
  4. Search and locate the listing to advertise.
  5. Click on the "AD" icon to the left of the listing.
  6. On the newly opened Ad Copy page enter your listing's descriptions.
  7. On the top PennyPosting bar, click on the website that you would like to post your ads to.
    (For the website selected, make sure you are logged in before starting the posting process.)
Common Issue: Some browser's ad blocker extension might interfere with the PennyPosting extension.  If running into issues, please try turning off the ad blocker extension.

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