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Listings Syndication to Third Party Websites - FAQ

Third party listing syndication for the purpose of lead generation is available only to paid accounts.
  1. How often are listing syndicated?
    Listings are syndicated on a nightly basis.
  2. What listings are syndicated?
    All on market listings are syndicated.
  3. Can I choose to not syndicate a particular listing?
    Yes.  View this article for details.
  4. Can I pick and choose which websites to syndicate to?
    Unfortunately not.
  5. How do I turn off syndication?
    View this article for details.
  6. How do I manage the distribution of the leads generated?
    View this article for details.
  7. Why can I not find my listings on third party websites?
    View this article for details.
  8. Why do I not receive any leads?
    Lead generation depends on whether your listings are being displayed on third party sites or not.  Please visit the article provided for #7 for more information.

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