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Stop Receiving Emails from YouGotListings

There are 2 possibilities that you are receiving emails from us.

Registered User

If you are a registered user and would like to stop receiving emails from us then please follow the steps below.
  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on the profile pic on the upper right and select User Profile.
  3. Locate the Email Subscription section.
  4. Make the desire changes then scroll down to save.

Part of an Email List

This is where most confusion comes from.  Many times a company will create an email list for their users.  This way when they need to communicate in bulk they can just send an email to  The problem comes in when that company creates an account using that email address on YouGotListings.  When our system sends an email to that user, all people that the company has added to that list will receive the email.  If you left that company and they have not removed you from their email list then you will need to contact them to make sure that you are removed.

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