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Data Entry Service Policy and Procedures (IL, MA, NY Only)

Forwarding of Listing Sheets

- All listing sheets, which the client desire to have entered into their YGL account should be forwarded to the data entry email address created for your account.

Continuous Listing Sheets Forwarding

- Listing Sheets need to be forwarded on a continuous basis. Information for landlords that YGL updates are only as good as the listing sheets YGL receives.

Accepted Listing Sheet Guidelines

- Only listing sheets that are well formatted are accepted. A well formatted listing sheet example would be an excel spread sheet. Example of a listing sheet we would not accept would be a casually worded emails.
- Only listings with exact unit addresses, landlord info and property info will be entered.
- Hand written listing sheets will be excluded.
- Listing sheets need to be created by the landlord directly and forwarded to us. They cannot be generated by the client.
- Listing sheet needs to have all the data on one page.  Example: an excel file with multiple sheets, will not be accepted.
- Landlord with only limited listings, such as only one or two properties will be excluded.

New Landlord

- New data entry accounts will be monitored by assigned data entry personnel in the first 2 weeks to make sure proper link up of the landlords. After which, please cc when sending in a listing sheet for a landlord that we have not previously updated for your account.

Good Practices

- Exclusive or semi-exclusive listings are best updated in house.
- Listing sheets that your office would get early access to should be updated in house.
- Listing that you do not want to wait between 24-48hrs on update time should be updated in house.

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