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How can I prevent a single listing from being advertised?

On Market listings are fed out of the account through the following methods for advertising to renters.
You can prevent a single listing from being advertised by following the instructions below.  
  1. Click the Rentals tab then do a search for the desired listing.
  2. Once found, click the address for that listing to access the listing's details page.
  3. Locate Marketing on the right column.
There are 2 levels of control when it comes to where the listing is displayed.
  • Syndicate to Free Sites -This controls if listings are syndicated to sites that will display listings to renters for free. Syndication that is setup to paid sites are not impacted.

  • Display on Own Website - This controls if the listing is included in the API, website IDX/widgets, and Personal Website.
For paid syndication to sites such as Zillow and Zumper, this is control by the settings listed on the Marketing & Syndication page, which is accessible by clicking on the circular Profile Pic icon on the upper right.

Error Codes

There might be times where a listing is excluded from syndication even when you have the setting turned on.  The system would display an error message to inform you.  Below are the error codes that you might see and their explanations.
  • Price does not meet minimum syndication requirement.

    The listing in question has a rent that does not meet the minimum set under the Marketing & Syndication page.
  • Listing has not been updated for over 3 months.

    No changes or refresh of the listing has occurred for over 3 months.  To syndicate, the listings must have a last updated date within 3 months.

  • Listing available date exceed 1 year.

    Listing with available date that is over 1 year from today will be excluded.
  • Model units (*) are not syndicated.

    Listing without exact address are excluded.

  • Account has invalid name, please put in real name.

    Under the Account Settings page, please update the account name to a valid name.

  • No eligible agent available.

    There are no agents within the account set to receive leads.  This could be because everyone has their receive lead settings set to No, or there isn't an agent that has their default city selection set to include the listing in question, or the user does not have a valid name.

  • City / neighborhood not served by any agent.

    No agent in the account serve the city/neighborhood that the listing is under. Either the agent has set to not receive leads, or the agent does not have the city/neighborhood selected as one of their default.

  • Room rental is not accepted by mostly every site.

    This is a room for rent listing, which is not syndicated.

  • Syndication is disabled at the landlord level.

    On the landlord's details page, the setting to syndicate has been turned off.
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