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How can I prevent all the listings for a landlord from being advertised?

Prerequisite: User Role (Admin, Manager, User with Landlord Access)

  On Market listings are fed out of the account through the following methods for advertising to renters.
You can prevent all the listings for a specific landlord from being advertised by following the instructions below.
  1. Click Landlords in the navigation menu.
  2. Perform a search for the desired landlord.
  3. Once found, click the landlord name to access the landlord's details page.
  4. Locate Marketing on the right column.
There are 2 levels of control when it comes to where the listings are displayed.
  • Syndicate to Free Sites -This controls if listings are syndicated to sites that will display listings to renters for free. Syndication that is setup to paid sites are not impacted.

  • Display on Own Website - This controls if the listing is included in the API, website IDX/widgets, and Personal Website.
For paid syndication to sites such as Zillow and Zumper, this is control by the settings listed on the Marketing & Syndication page, which is accessible by clicking on the circular Profile Pic icon on the upper right.

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