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Listings Not Found on Syndicated Websites

Third party websites that your listings are syndicated to has a system in place to reduce duplication on their site. The aim here is for their site to produce accurate and unique results for their viewers.  To check proper syndication you want to use one of your exclusive listings and see if you can locate it on various third party sites.  If it is not showing up on any of the sites that we syndicate to, chances are:
  1. Description in the listing contain questionable language. - This could mean a number of things, other than the more obvious ones such as profanity or discrimination, website URL that points to an external website are sometimes frowned upon.  An example for this would be to include your own website address in the description of the listing.  
  2. Other offices have access to this listing. - Third party website might pick another office's copy over yours.
  3. Your listing hasn't been updated for a long time. - If a listing's information has stayed stale for a very long, third party sites could just decide to not show it.
  4. Your listing's address is not fully spelled out. - Listings with addresses that third party site cannot decipher are left out.  Example: "34 North Chestnut St." is good.  You want to stay away from "34 N Chestnut".  
  5. Listing was just added. - Please give it at least a day or two for it to show up on advertising sites.
  6. Multiple copies of the same listing exist within your account. - Third party websites will filter to ensure that a single ad is presented on their site for a given property. Some might even treat it as spam and not display it at all.
  7. Listing has no photos. - Some third party sites would not display a listing unless it has at least 1 photo.  Some require at least 3.
  8. Listing syndication setting is turned off. - Click on the Profile Pic icon on the upper right and select Account Settings from the drop down.  Scroll down to locate the Syndication Settings section.
  9. Listing might be in the off market status. - You should double check the status of your listing to ensure that it is on market. Only on market listings will be syndicated.

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