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What are differences between the listing sources?

There are 4 possible listing sources.


Listings that are added by you or a user within your account. The user within the account with the correct privileges, such as admin or manager, have full control over these listings. If the listings are exclusives, you will also have the ability to share these listings with outside brokers on the YGL network to help you rent these properties.

YGL Network:

Listings that are controlled and shared by landlords, management companies and brokers through the YGL platform. Unlike the Internal listings, you cannot modify the information shared other than filing a request with the sharer.  You are not authorized to share these listings with other brokers on any platform. However, you are free to advertise these listings to help procure a renter, unless stated otherwise by the sharer.

YGL Data Entry:

Listings from this source function similarly to the YGL Network listings.  The main difference is that it is controlled by the YGL Data Entry team. Like the YGL Network listings, you cannot make changes other than filing a change request, which YouGotListings will receive and process.


If you are a member of MLS (IL & MA only), you can have your MLSPIN or MRED listings imported into account. You will not be able to make changes to the details of these listings at all.  Any change request will have to be filed within your MLS account.  MLS listings after proper integration can be emailed and displayed on your personal site so you can showcase the properties to your prospective leads.

Identify a Listing's Source

The source of a listing can be identified in two locations.
  • On the Rentals Search page after a search is performed and results are displayed in the results table. To the left of each listing there will be a House icon. Within each House icon you will find a letter. Each of the sources above is noted by using the first initial.
  • On the listing's details page you will find a Source field. This field will display the source of the listing.

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